2505 Filer City Road, Manistee, MI 49660


Shirley Ball - Filer Township Clerk
Home - 723-7466
Office - 723-3138 Ext.13


Township Clerk responsibilities include:

  •    Notary Public Services
  •    Maintains custody of all township records
  •    Maintains general ledger
  •    Prepares warrants for township checks
  •    Records and maintains township meeting minutes
  •    Keeps the township book of oaths
  •    Responsible for special meeting notices
  •    Keeps voter registration file and conducts elections
  •    Keeps township ordinance book
  •    Prepares financial statements
  •    Delivers tax certificates to supervisor and county clerk by September 30th
  •    Must appoint a deputy
  •    Must post a surety bond